Hi there! I'm so glad you're here! My name is Lauren and I'm honoured you're considering me to be your holistic nutritionist. My life wasn't always holistic, but once I implemented some major dietary and lifestyle changes and saw my own health completely transform, I've never been happier and could never go back to my old ways of living. I quit my job in the corporate world, moved to the GTA, and went back to school for holistic nutrition. I graduated from the prestigious Institute of Holistic Nutrition with first class honours and pursued my Certified Mental Health & Emotional Eating Specialist certification through the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. It's been an incredible journey but one I wouldn't change for the world. My mission is to help you implement dietary and lifestyle changes that will help you be your best self.

I used to work as a chartered accountant in the corporate finance world. I worked long hours and was under tons of stress all the time. On the surface everything looked fine - I had a "great" job, I had money to travel, and an amazing group of family and friends - but I was unhappy. I kept searching externally for things to bring me joy - if I get this new job then I'll be happy, if I find a great guy to be with then I'll be happy etc. etc. - I never looked within and uncovered the root cause of my anxiety and depression. 

I channeled my negative emotions in a very unhealthy way. I suffered in silence with binge eating disorder for years. This condition absolutely crippled me and took over my life. I engaged in self-harming behaviours so much so that I overwhelmed my body and was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before my 27th birthday. 

I went through conventional cancer treatment - surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation - and it was during this time I started to look at natural health alternatives. I was completely blown away by the science and research showing just how powerful natural remedies are for all illnesses and right then and there I started to implement some major dietary changes. These changes allowed me to take myself off of a medication I was supposed to be on for the next 10 years to prevent a breast cancer recurrence. 

It's impossible to know definitively whether or not my years of binge eating led to my cancer diagnosis, but I know in my heart that it did. The hardest thing I've ever had to do in my entire life was to feel the shame, fear, guilt, and anger for harming my body the way I did and then to forgive myself completely and to really love myself compassionately. 

I'm confident that if I would have addressed my mental health issues rather than suffering in silence I wouldn't have been diagnosed with cancer. Now, my mission is to help others who are struggling with mental health or emotional eating and to get them the help they need so they can live their most nutritious, delicious lives. It took a lot of work to heal my physical and mental health issues, but I've come out on the other side of this a stronger person who is full of love, life, and joy. Iā€™m confident that my past struggles will make me a compassionate, understanding, and relatable coach for you.

My job as your nutritionist is to listen to your concerns with compassion and understanding. It doesn't matter to me where you are on your health journey. I'll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. Let's get your health back on track together!

Yours in health,