I struggled for years with health issues - everything from digestive to mental health - and I was frustrated with the lack of options available to me from the conventional medical world. Determined to heal myself, I discovered the world of holistic health. After experiencing a dramatic physical and mental transformation, I was compelled to pursue this as my career. So I left the corporate finance world and never looked back! I've never been happier and now I have the honour and privilege of being your holistic nutritionist!

My health journey did not start out holistic. Mental health - specifically emotional eating - was the root cause of my health issues. It took a lot of work to heal the emotional wounds that affected my eating patterns, but I can truly say my life is now full of love, life, and more vibrant than ever. My past pain and struggling with mental health is what motivated me to take my holistic nutrition certification further and  become a certified mental health and emotional eating specialist. 

I firmly believe that no two people are alike. I look at each client through a lens of biochemical individuality and create structured plans to eliminate repeating patterns that don’t serve you. As someone who has faced those deep feelings of loss and confusion - and has also grown from it - I am able to empathize, act as a sounding board, and guide you through the painful process of overcoming your obstacles. I accomplish this by offering expert coaching, effective strategies, and providing the most current nutrition research to completely support you - both nutritionally and emotionally - on your journey. 

As your holistic nutritionist, it's my job to listen to your health concerns with compassion. It doesn't matter where you are on your health journey. I'll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. 


Individual Coaching 

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Group Coaching

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Eating Disorder Freedom Program

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