Episode 35:

Living your best life is possible for everyone after Breast Cancer - The mindset shift that makes it possible



I am super excited today to have Breast Cancer Thriver graduate Jen Scoles-Sequin.  Jen is going to be sharing her journey, what led her to join Breast Cancer Thriver, and how it’s possible to live your best life after breast cancer.  Our next round of Breast Cancer Thriver starts May 17th and we are over 40% full! You can join Breast Cancer Thriver here!

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Episode 34:

Moving Through Painful Experiences In A Way That Grows You



IThere's so much that's on my heart right now. I feel called to share all of it because I feel very deeply that what I am going through and experiencing now in my life… More specifically how I'm healing from it in an authentic way that grows me and moves me forward to being a better version of myself would help my listeners. Also, Breast Cancer Thriver is now accepting applications, apply now!

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Episode 33:

Faith Based Healing & Practical Ways To Start With guest DJ Breast Cancer



I am super excited today because we are joined by Tina Conrad, DJ breast cancer today. You may know her from Instagram, Tina is such a source of light and positivity in our beautiful breast cancer community here. This conversation is all about faith which is such an important part of my life, but it wasn't always that way. I share my story with my faith, how I went from not having a practice, to having a really deep connection with the universe God's source my creator. It was such a really great conversation because we have different vehicles to practice our faith, but it's the same result.

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Episode 32:

Ask me anything! What is my BC prevention diet, Is wine safe, what else I do to support my body besides supplements.



I am super excited today because it's another unscripted episode today! These ask me anything episodes are so much fun. I just love to teach that's when I feel so aligned and connected to my truth and my power. So I have been receiving tons of DMS about what supplements do I take? What types of things do I do to detox? You know, what am I eating, what am I avoiding eating all of these things. So let’s dive in! 

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Episode 31:

Ask Me Anything! What Supplements I Take, How Ayahuasca Impacted My Spiritual Growth, How To Balance Your Hormones If You Can't Take HIs.



Today’s episode is an ask me anything! I am sharing the top asked questions I receive, Including; how ayahuasca impacted my spiritual growth, health-related questions, and so much more. Nothing is really off-limits today!

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Episode 30:

Simple Tools To Move Through Anxiety With Therapist and Creator Of Solution Journal Box Mikaela Becker



Today I am joined by therapist and Creator Of Solution Journal Box Mikaela Beck. Mikaela also joined BCT in March 2020 right before the pandemic. She made a bold choice to start a business which is such a shining example of living fully without fear and knowing what's possible when you truly commit to yourself. Mikaela is sharing simple tools with us to move through anxiety, and sharing a special code with our listeners!

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Episode 29:

When Your Mind Spirals About Thoughts Of Recurrence, Do This!


Today we are talking about why we go down the mental spiral of anxiety, and why that isn’t helping us in any way, shape, or form. You try to push away this spiral every single time it comes back but you end just feeling more anxious. This episode is going to focus specifically on how to get out of that loop where you start to question why you got cancer. 

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Episode 28:

How To Overcome Anxiety To Thrive With Ease


Today we are talking about all things anxiety which is one of the number one things my clients want to work on. I really just want you to live life with joy without worry lurking in the background, draining your focus and your energy, and without anxiety.

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Episode 27:

Setting boundaries while giving zero f%$*s! AKA how to set them without feeling selfish or guilty


I am sharing how to set boundaries without feeling selfish and guilty. Now, after I just finished applying these same steps in my own life I felt really called to share the four steps to setting boundaries without feeling selfish or guilty. Sharing real-life scenarios and how you can apply them today.

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Episode 26:

My Ayahuasca Healing Journey Part 2


In today’s episode, I am sharing the second part of my two-part series all about my ayahuasca healing journey. In the second part, I am going to talk even more about the retreat and how I booked a second. I am also sharing my obsession with plant medicine and share my personal experience. You can also still enrol for BCT join here!

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Episode 25:

My Ayahuasca Healing Journey Part 1


Today’s episode I am sharing part one of my ayahuasca healing journey. My goal in part one is to present as much information to you and maybe it plants a seed in your consciousness. Which will help you to make informed decisions about what's right for you and for your healing journey. You can also still enroll for BCT join here!

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Episode 24:

Take Back Your Power And Thrive In Your Prevention Plan


Being triggered like that and having all of the fear and anxiety around food and research constantly isn’t thriving. That's surviving and that's not living. Over here at Breast Cancer Thriver we are about growing through that transcending beyond that and taking radical responsibility for your life. Taking back your power and thriving.  Which is exactly why Sophie, a graduate of BCT is the perfect guest to share her tips on thriving after breast cancer.  Join BCT today!

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Episode 23:

The Top 10 Things I Do For Prevention So You Can Start 2021 With A Bang!


It’s time to let go of the fear, all of the stress, anxiety, and pretending to be fine.  Let’s lock that back up in 2020 for good and walk into 2021 like the queen you are! I am sharing my top ten things I do for prevention to help you close that door for good! Apply to join the next round of Breast Cancer Thrivers! 

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Episode 22:

Living A Life Where It’s Effortless and You Feel Good Every Single Day


What if we could feel good, live effortlessly, and live a life where we be, do, and have!  Today I am sitting down with one of the first students in BCT who joined the very first round in October 2019. We are going to talk about how sustainable this life can be and how we can set goals and intentions going into next year!  Join Breast Cancer Thriver the first round starts January 2021!

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Episode 21:

5 Pillars of My Breast Cancer Prevention Nutrition Plan


It’s time to thrive in your breast cancer prevention plan and a huge part of that is nutrition.  Today I am going over the 5 pillars in the nutrition portion of your prevention plan. Join my free three day online workshop to help you thrive in 2021, I’ll be going covering eating for prevention without stress, guilt, anxiety, or decision fatigue, and so much more will be covered! Join here!!!

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Episode 20:

3 Tips To Eliminate Sugar Cravings So You Indulge Over The Holidays Without Going Overboard!


I'm already in the holiday spirit and I'm sure you love the holidays too. It's such a fun time of the year, but there's also a lot of treats this time of year. In the years pre COVID there are also a lot of holiday parties that you went to. There was also a lot of temptation everywhere and I am all about living life, being present, and enjoying all of the things that this beautiful life offers especially with food.  So today I am sharing my tips you can apply to still enjoy your favourite holiday treats… but also keeping your holistic prevention plan in mind.

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Episode 19:

5 Steps to Rewire Your Brain to Get Out of the Fear Cycle For Good!



Today I am talking about why emotional health is so important in your prevention plan.  I am sharing five steps you can take to rewire your brain and how there's such a clear impact of emotional health on your physical body.

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Episode 18:

Ask Me Anything!


I'm doing an ask me anything episode and I am super excited for it because I'm just beyond grateful every minute of every day for the life I live and the incredible community that I get to lead. I'm truly honored and humbled to be recognized as a leader in the breast cancer community.  I can’t wait to get into today’s episode and talk about everything and anything!

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Episode 17:

5 Steps You Can Apply In The Moment To Stop Comparing Yourself Online


A very common theme that I see most often, the one that really jumped out the most was that you wanted help with triggers specifically on how not to be triggered when you saw someone else's post online. That is why I am sharing my five steps you can do in the moment when you feel triggered and start to compare.  This is something I work on with my clients inside my signature Breast Cancer Thriver program.


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Episode 16:

How to Balance Estrogen & Support Your Body on Hormone Blockers


There is so much fear and confusion around hormones and estrogen. I totally get it because after a hormonal breast cancer diagnosis at 26, I was terrified of my hormones too. But what I learned over the last five years is that we are biologically wired to fear what we don't know.

It’s time to rewire our thinking and become educated so we can no longer fear what we don’t know. Stay Tuned BCT 2.0 is coming in January!

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Episode 15:

Taking Action and Addressing Your Nutrition Is Step Number One


 It’s time to continue to take action in our treatment plans and truly feel competent, safe in your body, living without the fear of recurrence.  The first step in feeling like this is nutrition, it’s also the first module in my signature program.  Which is why I am offering something I don’t normally do…. module 1 of my signature 12-week prevention and thrivership program as a stand-alone mini-course! You can sign up for the course here!

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Episode 14:
From Pain To Purpose and Strengthening Your Mindset


Today I sit down with Bethany Webb is Yoga Therapist, Cancer Thriver, and Certified Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie (Mindset Coach).  Bethany shares with us her journey on how she thought she was the healthiest she could be till she heard those three little words, you have cancer. We talk about her journey and how five years later she is living her most authentic, fulfilling, joyful, and purposeful life in full integrity with herself.  She also has a free copy of her latest book for all you Thrivers! Grab My Guru Cancer on Amazon!


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Episode 13:
Connecting To Spirituality For Thrivership


Today I am sitting down with Tania Koulakian who is the programs and digital media manager from The Tigerlily Foundation.  We are discussing their unwavering commitment to take action, how they show up in really powerful ways and game-changing ways. We are also chatting about spirituality and how that can help us to thrive! Tania shares a glimpse into the Tigerlily’s 2020 virtual spirit retreat! Join the retreat here! 


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Episode 12:
It’s Time To Take Empowered Action During Breast Cancer Month


Today I am sitting down with Jasmine and Marissa from For The Breast of us and we are getting to some of the health disparities affecting women of colour in the breast cancer community. As well as how although it’s Breast Cancer awareness month it’s also Breast Cancer action month. Make sure October 15th at 8:30 pm est you join #BaddiesTalkBack: The Naked Truth Project 2020 Breast Cancer Action Month campaign.  Marissa and Jasmine will be live on Facebook with their virtual Breast Cancer round table as well they will be featuring the reveal of the Naked Truth Project book cover and of course special giveaways! Join here!


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Episode 11:
Service, Faith, and Gratitude To Help Other Women


Today we are sitting down with April Smith’s Survivors Nest foundation which strives to encourage unity, security, and love. Tune in to this episode to learn about Survivors Nest, April’s journey with breast cancer and getting diagnosed at a young age, and the inherent bias and discrimination in the health care system. 


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Episode 10:
Transforming To A Point Where You THRIVE


I am sitting down with Joi Bowman today.  Joi is a breast cancer thriver who was diagnosed when her son reached his nine month milestone. Joi is a believer in blending holistic with conventional medicine to feel confident in her prevention plan.  Joi recently was accepted to the Southwest college of naturopathic medicine and will be completing a master's in clinical nutrition. She can't wait to embrace her new role as a holistic health coach and teach others through her journey.   Let’s dive into more about Joi’s journey!


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Episode 09:
What’s Possible When You Trust and Take Action?


I am sitting down with my client today, Mikaela Becker.  She was a student in my signature 12-week group coaching program Breast Cancer Thriver (BCT).  We are going to talk about; what made her reach out to join BCT, why she listened to her intuition and joined literally at the last possible minute right when she got back from vacation at the start of the pandemic, and also how her life and confidence has completely changed as a result of the program.

She also shares her favourite takeaway from the course so that you can take action and apply this to your life right now, too. Space is limited for BCT and we start in less than two weeks, but you can apply right now!


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Episode 08:
Feeling Good and Finding Pleasure Again


You have so many questions and people often wonder what’s next after radiology, after seeing your oncologist for days and days… So we are getting candid with Dr. Ashley Chauvin and no topic is off limits… including finding your pleasure again. 


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Episode 07:
Reclaim Control of Your Health, Life, and Body


Feeling lost and out of control is a constant I see with every breast cancer survivor I work with. Tune in to this episode to learn how you can reclaim control of your health, life, and body and feel confident in your prevention plan.


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Episode 06:
Safely Navigating Intermittent Fasting and Hormone Balancing


Have you ever thought about intermittent fasting and googled it… but quickly exited because there was just a lot?  Maybe you are wondering how your hormones play a role in healthy living and eating too?  Tune in to today’s episode where I sit down with author and registered holistic nutritionist Samantha Gladys.  We talk about how to safely incorporate intermittent fasting and so much more. 


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Episode 05:
You have 3 bodies: a physical, emotional, and spiritual body and they are all interconnected


Have you heard of reiki and wondered what it was all about?Have you struggled with body image and owning your femininity after breast cancer? This episode is raw, real, inspirational, informative, authentic and most importantly...actionable. 


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Episode 04:
Post traumatic Growth and how to grow through what you go through


Have you heard the expression: you grow through what you go through? In my interview with Tina Conrad AKA DJ BreastCancer, we talk all about post-traumatic growth and how she uses her podcast platform as a way to express her creativity, grow personally as a human, and be of service to her community. 


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Episode 03:
Why diets don’t work and the key to making consistent, effortless, and sustainable nutrition choices for your prevention plan


Do you find it super difficult to stick to your anti cancer diet and the changes you want to make for yourself and your body? This episode talks all about how to make these changes in a way that results in consistent, effortless, and sustainable lifestyle changes that become effortless and habitual for you. 


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Episode 02:
3 Pillars of an anti-inflammatory diet


Have you ever wondered “what the heck do I eat to prevent recurrence?!” This is a question I’m asked about ALL the time - so this is the topic of today’s episode!


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Episode 01:

My story: How following my intuition led me HERE


In this introductory episode, I share with you the story of my diagnosis, how I randomly (and thankfully!) discovered holistic healing modalities, and how my soul grabbed on to holistic health and reconnected me to my intuition, and how following my intuition led me here, now - with a successful online business that impacts the lives of breast cancer survivors around the world.


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